This increases sexual relations regularly or frequently have the possibility that a boy or a girl?

This increases sexual relations regularly or frequently have the possibility that a boy or a girl?
Sometimes I hear people who know that certain criteria could make very pregnant young woman or girl. People have often asked if their habits have no influence on this process. And the frequency of sexual intercourse is one of the habits, which most frequently ask me. People often wonder if regular or more sex with a young woman or girl baby makes it more likely.

A concern on which you can hear in this situation is something like: "I want a little girl. And a friend told me that if every day regularly sex if you consider, that you are Ovulating, then I prefer a girl has as a result. Is it true? My husband is on the way to work and to have sex every day is a challenge. But if this claim is true, I guess, that could happen to this. Is it very faithful, regular sex is probably a girl?"

Now, I can't see the future, but I can tell you, really is not the frequency of sex, in my opinion, what counts. Is that if you have sex at the optimal moment for sex, you are.

Because a girl baby is more likely if you have sex before ovulation. And a boy baby is more likely if you have sex after ovulation. And this is true regardless of if you are having sex every day or once a week. Now, with that said, if you are having regular sex, then you are more likely to hit a day that is optimal to you. But, you are also more likely to hit a day that gives you the opposite result of what you are going for, since this is happening every single day.

Just as an example, let's say that this woman would ovulate on Monday. Suppose that you have regular sex, beginning Friday until she wanted the suspicion that Eastern ovulation approached. Then, let's say that by sex for each day until Wednesday they had. In a perfect world, baby would be the best days for a girl until Sunday night. But you want to have sex really not last Sunday, because on Monday, a small child is more likely because ovulation has already occurred. But if only you regularly have sex no matter what, if you are indeed Ovulating, then you're quite deserted the coincidence that sexual intercourse can cause a pregnancy session.

In the previous scenario if you're lucky, during the first few attempts, conceive that a girl would have been more. But if it took several attempts and was on Monday, then in fact a guy is the most likely scenario. It is not really the amount of sex, which is important. It is far from it. Best hand by choosing the best day and then not, rather than just sex without any restriction when you could be Ovulating.
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