Insomnia: If the pills are not working for sleep

Insomnia: If the pills are not working for sleep
"I can sleep enough," James said. "I used drugs, but it no longer seems to work." It is a common problem. Approximately 30% of the U.S. population reported having problems with sleep in a given year. About 12% of use them to fill in tablets and each year some 60 million prescriptions. And for many people they seem to work... for a while.

The problem with pills
But there are difficulties. First, the side effects are numerous. They are memory errors, changes in appetite, headache, heartburn, stomach, upset stomach, and drowsiness tomorrow, trembling and changes in testosterone and the menstrual cycle. He started sleeping pills in some cases, they disturb sleep. Secondly, sleeping pills can operation how your body develops a tolerance to the drug. This means that you use to achieve the same effect. Thirdly, many people trying to quit smoking have a "rebound effect". This happens when you reduce or stop (she should be with the advice of your doctor), and your insomnia is worse than ever. So if you have insomnia, and want an alternative to pills, sleep getting a good night's?

Emergency support
If you find unexpected obstacles in life, which is often useful, to help deal with. Recently, my son has a drop of about ten meters in the air (don't ask how it got there) and the wrist was broken. I needed a conversion and a PIN to hold the bone while he healed. He was happy to support, and also glad to take off as he could. Other types of support are more expensive. If your car doesn't work, you can rent a car... but the fees add up quickly. It is good to have the option, if you need it, but you alternatives such as public transport or bicycle and in the car to turn, as fast as you can.

Sleeping pills, insomnia help temporarily, but the costs are high and there is no more sleep for their efforts. He slept in several FDA studies, subject took pills to sleep 15 minutes faster than a control group and he slept 30 minutes more. It is reasonable to consider other options.

It's not about stress
Insomnia can do is one minor annoyance or a function. You can gradually accumulate over the course of time, or we are going strong after an emotional event. For James, the insomnia began after the death of his father. Other causes of insomnia may fear disease and hormonal imbalance. At a difficult time for some people, it can help pills to sleep. Pills but not to deal with the problem. The real problem is how you react to stress. Resources and skills for managing their reaction on stress feel better, more efficient and better sleep.

Sleeping pills reduce your fear not, relieve depression or an emotionally difficult to process event. You can motivate to respond to stress. Promoted to no type of internal and external changes that can help with sleep. Distracted in some sleeping pills as you really need.

The clinic may, describing the risks and side effects of the pills to sleep, it is recommended to change the style of life as the best solution for insomnia. Lifestyle is part of the answer, and many people have to make lifestyle changes. It is useful to have the balance between challenge and relaxation, concentration and relaxation. This is not easy ' ", has passed the people happy, but I prefer to create something.

But for most people, it is not your lifestyle or the amount of power that you are facing, which determines how you feel or how to sleep. Stress, if you know how to create it, encourage, motivate and build resistance. Stress short bursts can be cured even physically and emotionally. The secret of dealing with stress is to... interpret what you focus and if your understanding and ability, through them in a way healthy to go.

The right kind of support
Where you will find strength and routines, you have to get a good rest night, know how to change your response to stress and to improve the quality of your life?

You can use books as 'No.' more nights without sleep and the "No. more sleepless nights book" by Peter Hauri and Shirley Linde go. You can understand this book (CBT) of cognitive behavior, sleep disorders and develop good "sleep habits". Audio recordings are another resource. Products for the health of sound has a downloadable recording, sleep, promotes the clients that often * is recommended.

Some people, like James, need more support. We have a combination of therapy, cognitive-behavioural direct, to solve problems of dream and consultation, and Neurofeedback, handle it hard feelings about his father's death to help a. James began in response to a crisis reports. In retrospect, he told me that he thought that it was a blessing, the sleeping pills left work. That pushed it into something valuable: learn to rely on their internal resources.

The best options
Full inquiry like James, had a better understanding of themselves and greater ease in the negotiations on difficult events. When James improves sleep, as well as their State of mind, work performance and quality of life. The times will be probably, as he feels the stress of life and emergency needs support. As my son, or the stranded conductor it can be a structure, to help you heal. Instead, use a pill, but should work with your response to stress.

Simple practices such as CBT, good habits of sleeping and neuro feedback can your repertoire of response to build and help her. Ultimately it is not sample much stress in your life that makes the difference. It is how the approach of stress, sleep a good night for help.
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