PTCA, technology can extend the age of Heart Pain Sufferers

PTCA, technology can extend the age of Heart Pain Sufferers
A heart attack is a deadly disease which many swallows fatalities around the world. Heart attacks occur due to constriction of the blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart muscle. When the supply of blood and oxygen are stalled due to constriction of the blood vessels then it is certain someone is going to have a heart attack.

Narrowing of the arteries occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Often consuming saturated fatty foods (high cholesterol), high sugared, smoking, and exercising a general factor is rarely causes narrowing of the arteries that can trigger a heart attack. Initially, the cholesterol carried by blood to accumulate. The longer, pile of cholesterol it will harden and narrow the channels of blood vessels. As a result, there was a disturbance of blood circulation and oxygen in the body.

As the development of technology in the medical field, is now narrowing of the arteries that can trigger a heart attack can be overcome by the installation method of ring or heart Stents in arteries are narrowed. Mounting ring heart is a procedure to widen narrowed blood vessels clogged or in the part of the heart. This heart Ring opens coronary blood vessels in the heart that heart again received the supply of blood and oxygen. The pairing procedure called heart ring with Percutaneus Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA).

When Mounting Ring Heart needed?
According to experts, the heart surgeon heart ring start required when a person has coronary heart disease which usually occurs as a result of the narrowing of coronary arteries in the heart. Mounting ring in the heart of the coronary blood vessels when necessary narrows. The Ring is used as a penyanggah to open blood vessels so that blood flow and oxygen back smoothly.

This process is done by injecting anesthesia into the groin. Then the heart surgeon will insert a small tube (catheter) into the legs or arms. With the help of the image on the monitor, the doctor will direct the small hose to the artery is narrowed or clogged in the heart. Next, provided the second catheter is smaller in size and features a balloon and stent or heart ring. A second catheter is hooked up to a catheter that had first entered into the blood vessels.

The tip of the catheter should be up in a second coronary artery blockages so that the balloon catheter can be blown and widen the second part that is clogged or narrowed in the coronary arteries. Heart Ring or rings are fitted in the coronary arteries are made of braided metal small tube-shaped and used as a penyanggah to keep blood vessels stay open and do not experience a blockage blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle.

Of Post-operative Heart Ring
Post mounting ring Centre, usually the patient will be given a referral by a doctor to start a healthy lifestyle, because of the risk of blockage of blood vessels in other blood vessels are still there. Patients are asked to avoid foods high in cholesterol such as organ meats, seafood, egg yolks, and more. Whereas a mandatory food consumed as vegetables, fruits, grain, and other foods that are low in sugar, salt and cholesterol.
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