Know rabies vaccines

Know rabies vaccines
Rabid animal bites prove deadly for the real victims. Handling of over 12 hours will open up opportunities for viruses showed symptoms of rabies. When this is to happen, certain victims would die. "When bitten please be sure to soon be given the vaccine. When it is very severe and can be given in the anti-rabies serum. Administering the vaccine will provide protection against the impact of rabies bites and death of up to 100 percent,”

1. When bitten (pre-exposure)
The vaccine is given three times i.e. when bitten, and repeated on the day of the 7th and the 21st or the 28th after a bite. The first dose is 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml, then and go back to being 0.5 ml. Administering again the following year, then repeated every 3 years.

2. Once bitten (post exposure)
The vaccine is given at the same time with vaccine pre exposure. However the first injections given twice with a dose of 0.5 ml. The same dose is also given on the second and third shots. "For the third shot the animals depend on the biter. When animals die then captured successfully biter when the second injection is given, then the victim should be injected a third time. This indicates an animal with rabies, and stricken biter victims must be given a protective,”

3. Repeated Bites (re exposure)
When the victim returned bitten in less than 3 months of injections re exposure need not be given. This is because the antibodies that are produced are still sufficient to protect the body. When the bite occurred in a span of 3 months up to one year, a victim must return injected one time, with a dose of 0.5 ml. However, if the bite occurred more than one year, then the injections given three times the dosage and the duration of such injections post exposure.

This vaccine does not cause any adverse impact. The former sometimes injections where the red, slightly swollen, or itching. But this condition will soon disappear. A very severe bite wounds can follow with the anti-rabies serum (SAR), at a dose of 20 IU per kilogram of body weight. The SAR is given in the form of human rabies immunoglobulin is homologous. SAR given injections spread out in the area around the bite.

The vaccine must be given to someone who always interacts with potentially rabid animal, e.g. a dog sitter. The vaccine also required given on areas with high populations of dogs.
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