10 Sports help prevent cancer

10 Sports help prevent cancer
One of a disease that is still a ghost is a cancer. This is because cancer can progress rapidly and cause death. However, cancer can be prevented, and experts argue that the best way to prevent cancer is regular exercise.

Not only to keep the body healthy and stay active, exercise can also keep dangerous diseases. According to experts, there are some specific types of sports that effectively cancer, here in the middle.

One of the best exercise prevents cancer is running. This is because walking can keep the heart and mind of stress. Then walk for at least 30 minutes a day.

Jogging or running for 45 minutes is the best way to keep the risk of cancer. Jogging makes the heart beat faster. A lot of sweat produced after jogging can also help remove toxins from the body.

Swimming is a sport that can be practiced by all ages. It was a routine swim for an hour or two and any lifestyle changes become healthier.

Biking in the fresh morning, good for the lungs. These activities are clear the lungs and keep it away from cancer.

Tai chi
Tai Chi is a kind of self-defense Chinese to improve health through the merger of the slow movements with correct breathing technique. This is a form of exercise that is good to prevent cancer.

Climbing helps to relieve stress and also the deadly disease. Often make it this sport keeps the body in the best shape of any disease and reluctantly approached. Climbing is one of the sports that reduce the risk of cancer.

The shoe wheel
The shoe wheel game is a cardiovascular workout and can train the entire muscle in the body. The sport is very popular among children can be made by all ages.

A form of exercise is good to prevent cancer is to dance. Dancing is fun with your favorite music every day for 30 minutes keep it healthy and energized.

Forms of meditation in which one is good for the mind, body and soul. The practice of yoga is also capable of removing toxins from the body and reduces the risk of cancer.

Tennis is the best sport to make your active body. This exercise makes you run and burn extra calories as well as eliminate toxins through sweat.
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