Identify Lower Back Pain the Doctor Diagnose Symptoms - Help and Treat

Identify Lower Back Pain the Doctor Diagnose Symptoms - Help and Treat
It is important to keep the nature of the symptoms of low back pain, because you understand how intense is the pain and where needs space give your doctor important suggestions for health and the causes of back pain.

Back pain developed above all in the region lumbosacral (or the lower part of the back). The pain may be limited to the lumbar region or can extend the front rear or beside a leg. You may also feel numbness in the leg in scenarios such as sciatica nerve impingement. The pain is usually a one-sided. Based on the affected nerve may feel symptoms in the bottom left or right of the back - tell your doctor if the symptoms on the left side or right side can help to reduce the problem. If you are suffering from pain, would be ideal for rest, because certain factors make worse it.

Strenuous and extremely resistant to shocks and heavy lifting may exacerbate the pain very much. Standard positions as sitting, and may also result in pain especially in an unhealthy situation. Based on the duration of the pain, there are three types of acute, subacute and chronic. Known as acute pain with a length of less than 4 weeks.

Chronic back pain is when the pain persists for more than three months. Meanwhile, for soreness that persists for one to three months is known as a sub-acute back pain. Doctors also inquire patients to characterize their what they are suffering from with the application of a Pain Scale from to 10, with as no discomfort to 10 for intense pain.

Recognition of the causes of lower back pain can become easier when the its character is recognized and cure alternatives can be made available. For instance, you may have a squeezed nerve if your leg feels numb and weakly. Compression of the 5th lumbar nerve (L5) is diagnosed if the individual could not shift his large toe upward. Also, if you can't stand on your toes or point your foot downwards, the doctor will more than likely treat you for 5th sacral nerve compression.

Obviously, it would be best to find health related treatment when having this problem but here are a number of forewarning signs or "Red Flags" which when complemented with the pain means that you really need immediate support.

Red flags are low back pain low...

Stress related to the incident in the lumbar area;
For persons older than 50 years, last light stress such as slide and hit on his buttocks;
The application of continuous steroids for patients with asthma, COPD and rheumatic diseases;
Weak bones that are found in older people;
People, older than 70 years of age, with signs of abdominal diseases, infections, and cancer;
Mysterious fever more than 100 degrees Celsius;
A history of recent infection;
Previous or existing cancer registry;
Drug use drugs;
For people, the remove was unexpected and mysterious;
Low back pain only worsened: pain of contagion could be (as for example with inflammation of the kidney) or cancerous origin;
Neurological disorders can, to look in particular at sensorimotor skills.
Loss of regulation of bowel or bladder, such as incontinence (difficulty starting or stopping the passage of urine), are symptoms of cauda equine syndrome and a serious health crisis is considered.

Please consult promptly, health, associated with attention, if signs of these symptoms quickly identify lumbago, causes and cure options necessary.
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